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What exactly is All-Star Cheerleading?

All-Star cheerleading is a sports activity that combines elements of tumbling, dance, stunting, and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and arm motions.

How are the teams configured?

Teams consist of athletes performing fast paced, exciting, and professionally choreographed 2½ minute routines set to music.

Teams compete at 6 difficulty levels ranging from level 1, up to level 6 for athletes with advanced skills. Our training goal is to help kids progress through all 6 levels in a safe and confident manner.  It is normal and recommended for athletes to do more than one year on a level to be successful and well rounded.

How often do you practice and compete?

  • All-Star teams compete against other All-Star gyms from across the region and the country between November and April each year, with most teams attending between 5 and 7 competitions.
  • Team schedules can vary. Teams practice 2 days a week for an average of 2 hours each practice.  Practices will include one weekday and Sunday.

Is Cheerleading considered a sport? What will they learn?

  • All-Star is also a co-ed activity and is great for boys as well as girls. Some teams compete exclusively in co-ed divisions and some in all-girl divisions.  We have many boys that play football for high school and continue to cheer in colleges around the country.
  • All-Star teams are great for developing healthy nutrition, flexibility, coordination, time management, self-confidence and self-esteem as well as developing positive life skills, personal values, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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