Hours: Monday-Thursday: 3pm-7pm ∞ Friday 9am-12pm & 6pm-10pm

Flexibility Class

Intro Flexibility and Body Positions- No Experience Required

These classes are designed to enhance flyer flexibility by increasing range of motion in areas needed to hyper extend body positions. Drills, stretches, and exercises specific to improving strength, stability, and balance are trained. We focus on core strengthening to create beautiful body lines in the air.

Advanced Flexibility and Body Positions- Prerequisites for this class include

  • Athlete is able to perform Bow-n-arrow, Left/Right Stretches, scales, arabesques and needles without assistance
  • Athlete is able to balance on stunt stands
  • Athlete is able to focus during instructional period
  • Athlete will be removed from this class if prerequisites are not meet.



Tuesday 5:00pm - Advanced Flexibility & Body Positions

Wednesday 5:00pm – Intro Flexibility & Body Positions

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