Hours M-F- 7:30am-7:00pm

Tumbling Class

Below are the level classifications as identified by the United States All Star Federation.
Before your child can move to the next level, it must be approved by their tumbling instructor to ensure the mastery of skills.
Combination passes for each level may be worked on but do not determine whether you progress to the next level.
If the skills are performed with at least 90% great technique, it does not count.

Forward rolls
Backward rolls
Front walkover
Back walkover

Standing backhand spring (must have correct form to be able to learn standing multiple bhs)
T jump backhand spring
Round off backhand spring
Round off 2 backhand springs (must have correct form to be able to learn round off bhs tuck)
Back walkover backhand spring
Example: Sara has all the requirements but her form in her round off backhand spring includes bent legs and weak snap down. Sara stays in Novice level until her form is corrected because she can’t safely lean a round off backhand spring tuck in the next level.

Round off backhand spring tuck (must have correct form to be able to learn a layout)
Round off tuck
Front Punch
Standing 3 backhand springs (must have correct form to be able to learn bhs tuck/layout)
4 Jumps to standing backhand spring.

Standing back tuck
T jump back tuck
4 jumps to backhand spring back tuck
3 backhand springs to layout
Round off backhand spring layout (with correct form to be able to learn a full twist)All advanced level tumbling skills
Double Fulls
Standing Fulls
Before learning double full twisting layouts, full twisting layouts must have great form
4 Jumps to standing back tuck

Beginner Tumbling
Monday 5pm with Peyton and Haywood
Tuesday 6:30pm Haywood
Wednesday 5pm with Jedi and Haywood
Thursday 6pm with Jedi and Erin

Novice Tumbling
Monday 6pm with June

Tuesday 6pm with Jedi

Wednesday 6pm with Jedi and Haywood

Intermediate Tumbling
Monday 6:30pm with Haywood
Wednesday 7pm with Haywood and June

Advanced Tumbling
Monday 5:30pm with Jedi
Tuesday 5:30pm with June

Tiny Tumblers
Monday 4:30pm & 6pm with Erin and Logan
Tuesday 5:30pm with Erin and Logan
Wednesday 6pm with Erin and Logan
Thursday 4:30pm & 5:15pm with Erin and Logan

Intro to Tricking
Monday 6:30pm with Jedi

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